Pharaoh Ants and Carpetner Ants are the most common types of ant infestations, and are also frequently found to be the cause behind various individual health concerns ranging from allergic skin reactions to continuous headaches and abdominal cramps. Consider a consultation with a Supertech Pest Control pest control expert to address unexplained health concerns.

The Supertech Pest Control pest control experts are trained and experienced to quickly identify any ant species that can threaten the well-being of individuals and the overall structural integrity of your property with a customized pest control program for their quick removal.


Although bees are crucial to an enduring and balanced ecosystem, they can be a significant danger when they set up hives close to your home or business. Bees On Your Property? Bee Control is a Job for Professionals. 

Supertech Pest Control is experienced with eco-friendly removal of several species of bees including:
Carpenter Bees
Yellow Jackets
Bumble Bees
Cicada Killers


Among many types of pest problems, nothing is more distasteful and more challenging to control than a full blown cockroach infestation. The presence of cockroaches in the home or workplace can threaten wellbeing and cause serious health problems in addition to severely damaging, or even destroying, a business reputation within a range of industries. For this reason, do-it-yourself pest control methods for eliminating the tenacious cockroach are rarely successful and best carried out by a licensed and experienced pest control expert to ensure success.

Proven Pest Control Strategies for Cockroaches

Supertech Pest Control uses a combination of traps and liquid concentrates within a comprehensive and customized pest management plan that qualified technicians customize for your location following a thorough inspection.


Moths get inside a home or commercial location via open windows, doors or accidentally from infested plants or items such as rugs, clothing or linens. A potential problem for residential homes, bakeries, restaurants, grain industries and warehouses storing grains, cereals and flour, moth infestations are also easily spread worldwide through commercial trading. Supertech Pest Control pest management specialists will carefully inspect carpets, closets, bedding pillowcases, food storage areas and all items made from natural fibers at your home or business in El Cajon when checking for a moth infestation.

In the case of a persistent moth infestation, Supertech Pest Control pest management services include the application of specially formulated insecticides and pheromone treatment techniques for guaranteed results.


Mice and rats can squeeze through small spaces and quickly take over any location. Rodents breed rapidly and transmit bacteria and disease just as fast. Even if you have not actually seen a mouse, tiny rod-shaped black droppings found near baseboards or food storage areas are often reliable indicators that rodents have invaded your premises in El Cajon.

Our licensed pest removal experts begin with a thorough inspection of your location to identify where rats and mice are hiding. Discreet and professional, Supertech Pest Control technicians provide free assessments at any El Cajon business or residential location and devise customized plans for rodent control as well as a follow-up maintenance and cleaning services to remove bacteria-ridden fecal matter and urine.

It is best not handle a problem with rodents on your own. Contact Super Tech Pest Control in El Cajon for a free consultation and for answers to any pest control questions you may have.


Since spiders are natural predators and other insects serve as their main source of sustenance; reducing the spider’s food supply through strategic pest control methods is recommended for effective control of other pests. Supertech Pest Control provides customized plans designed specifically for any pest control problem at your home or business in San Carlos. Contact an experienced pest management professional for a free assessment and inspection to controls spiders. 

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